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Administrative Office


Mrs Barbra Junior has been employed as the town's Administrator/Clerk since December 2013. Because Brunson is a small town, she also serves as the town's Clerk of Court. Though her duties are very wide spread, she really enjoys working with the town and helping the citizens in any way that she possible can. According to Mrs. Junior, the motto here in Brunson is :"Running water skips no hole.This means everybody is treated equal regardless of race, sex, age, or religion. It is our goal to make the best decisions not only for the town but for it's citizens as well. 

Services Provided

The Town of Brunson provides several services for it's citizens as well as businesses within the limits of the town and those who may be considering relocating to Brunson.

Anyone wishing to relocate to Brunson must fill out an application and pay a meter deposit before having their water turned on. Most applications are approved right away, but the town does reserve it's right to refuse any application for false or misleading information.The new meter deposit fee is $150. New applicants must be able to provide a valid mailing address at the time of the application process as well. All applicants will be provided with a roll cart for thier household garbage but may request an extra cart. The roll carts will be emptied every Monday morning by S&S Disposal Company. A charge of $13.57 per cart will be added to your monthly water bill for this service. Business owner's will pay $16.30 per cart. All applicants will also be charged a fee of $5.00 per month for Police Protection.

If you're thinking of opening a business here in Brunson or maybe you're just planning to be here for a couple of days to handle a job for someone in the town's limits, you must obtain a business license. If you are a realitor or an auctioner operating within the town's limit's, you must also obtain a business license. Business license fee's for a new business will be charged a flat rate of $37.50. Business license fee's for other business owner's are calculated by a flat rate of $37.50 on the first $5,000 of total gross sales and/or services profitted for the prior year plus an additional amount of .10 on every thousand dollars above that $5,000 amount of gross sale's and/or service's. Anyone interested in opening a business within the town limits of Brunson must come before the Mayor and Council prior to a business license being issued. You can call or send us a request to have your name added to our agenda for our monthly Council meeting if you would like. Our monthly Council meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month here at the town hall at 6:30 pm.

The Town of Brunson does not issue Building Permits. They must be obtained through the Hampton County Building Department. Before applying for your permit, you will need to come by the Town Hall to get a letter of verification from Brunson.  This letter of verification indicates that you are aware of any zoning ordinances set by the town and that you will be in compliance with those rules and/or regulations. You can contact the Building Department at 803-914-2129.

All property and vehicle taxes are now being collected for the town by the Hampton County Tax Collectors. If you have any questions concerning your taxes or a notice that you may have received, you will need to contact them. Their number's are as follows:

Tax Collector- 803-914-2124                           Auditor- 803-914-2116

All forms and applications can be obtained through the town hall or by clicking on these links.

Water-Sewer Application

Business License Application              

Employment Application

The Administrative office of the Town of Brunson is located at 686 North Railroad Avenue. Our regular office hours are from 8 am until 12 noon, and 1 pm until 5 pm. Our contact information is as follows: PO Box 300, Brunson, SC 29911. 803-632-3633 (Phone) & 803-632-3993 (Fax). Our email address for the town is:

Town of Brunson

686 North Railroad Avenue

Brunson, SC 29911