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Leaders of Brunson

The Town of Brunson's form of Government is Mayor-Council. Monthly Council meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Brunson Town Hall located at 686 North Railroad Avenue.

The Town of Brunson's Mayor & Council and their responsibilities are:

  • Mayor: Patricia Williams Term of Office: November 2025
  • Mayor ProTem: Marilyn Smart Term of Office: November 2025 
  • Councilperson- Rocky Hudson  Maintenance of all vehicles. Police Department, garbage, and trash pickup. Term of Office: November 2019    
  • Councilperson-Rob Preston   Fire Department, hydrants and lines. Sanitary conditions of pets and livestock areas. Term of Office: November 2019
  • Councilperson- Starling Forester, Jr.,  Repair of roads, drainage ditches, new paving, easments, etc. Term of Office: November 2025

Town of Brunson

686 North Railroad Avenue

Brunson, SC 29911