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Emergency Response Plan


System has a back up generator. Yes.  Will contact SCE&G Electric


Will contact the nearest town five miles away (Town of Hampton). Will bring in Bottled Water.


The water system’s Distribution Map is located in the office at the Town Hall for review. 


In case of contamination, radio, newspaper and a notice at the Town Hall will notify the public.  If the system is going to be off line, there will be notices sent to each customer by mailers.  Examples of notices may be found at the Town Hall.


In case of an emergency, additional chlorine will be added to the system.

  1. If the pressure in a distribution system or any significant portion of a distribution should drop to ten (10) pounds per square inch or less, the owner or operator of the system shall notify the Department immediately.  Any immediate corrective action necessary to protect the public health shall take priority over any notification requirement to the Department.
  2. If a boil water notice or advisory is issued by the public water system, the  Department shall be notified immediately.  A copy of the boil water notice or Advisory and repeal of such shall be forwarded to the Department as soon as possible after each is issued.
  3. If potable drinking water is transported into an area where normal water service  has been disrupted, the water shall be transported in a sanitized container or tank truck or trailer, which is designed for the transportation of potable water.  The disinfectant residual of the transported water at the loading point shall be a minimum of one (1) milligram per liter.  The source of water shall be approved by the Department before any water is loaded into a container, tank truck or  trailer and transported to the affected area.
  4. If a contaminant is injected or siphoned into the distribution system, the owner or operator of the system shall take necessary actions to remove the contamination from the distribution system as soon as possible.  The Department shall be  notified as soon as possible of the event and actions taken.
  5. If a contaminant is injected, dumped, discharged, or flushed into surface water or  groundwater which serves a public water system, the owner or operator of the system shall take necessary precautions to prevent the contaminant from entering the distribution system.
Withdrawals of Surface Water and Groundwater During Drought and Other Emergency Conditions
  1. Whenever drought or low rainfall conditions reduce the amount of surface and groundwater available for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and commercial use,the Department may regulate surface water and groundwater withdrawals in an equitable manner to reduce the adverse impact to the public well-being and health.
  2. No person shall withdraw or cause to withdraw water from a surface or groundwater source at such a rate and daily volume as to infringe on the use of said water source by a public water supply.

The above information was taken from the State Primary Drinking Water Regulations:

R.61-58.8(C) and (D).

Town of Brunson

686 North Railroad Avenue

Brunson, SC 29911